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Streaming  August 28, 2023

Hello movie enthusiasts!

You know that rush of excitement when the lights go down and the screen lights up with amazing stories that stick with us?

Movies are like special adventures. They can transport us to new places, make us experience many emotions, and give us a break from our daily routine.

Soap2Day is a free movie streaming website on which you can enjoy different types of movies and TV shows. This incredible platform has an easy-to-use layout and a decent user rating as well. However, this platform was taken down by Google due to some copyright violations.

That’s the reason most people are searching for a Soap2Day alternative.

Thanks to this vast internet, there are tons of websites like Soap2Day available on the internet.

In this article, we are going to share a list of 15 Soap2Day alternatives with their positives and negatives. So get ready for an exciting journey where stories have no end because we’re about to dive into the world of movies.

Is Soap2Day a Good Choice?

Soap2Day has a bunch of shows and movies which is that’s pretty nice, and you can watch them for free. If you want an easy way to have fun without any trouble, Soap2Day might seem like a good choice. 

Soap2Day Homepage

But here’s a twist, it might not always be super safe. There could be some annoying ads or even Illegal stuff that might prevent you from smooth streaming. So, while it sounds good, you need to be cautious.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Soap2Day and its alternatives:

Free ContentContain Advertisements
Easy AccessSafety Concerns
New Movies

Other websites could be safer, but they could ask for money or make you sign up. So if you’re looking for websites like Soap2Day to enjoy movies and shows, we have something for you! 

15 Best Soap2Day Alternatives

Here’s a list of 15 Soap2Day alternatives that offer a variety of options for all your entertainment needs. 

Let’s take a quick look at them:

XUMO TV Homepage

XUMO TV is a superb online platform where you can enjoy different types of content. Unlike other websites, this one is not limited to movies only, in fact, it covers a vast variety of content, including news, movies, and web series. Their simplistic user interface makes it a good alternative to Soap2Day.

Here are some pros and cons of XUMO TV:

Interactive UILimited to the USA only
Have a mobile application
A variety of content is available

Additionally, their mobile application is available on both Android and iOS. Unfortunately, this amazing website is only available in the USA. Users from other countries have to use a VPN to access this website.

Movietube Homepage

Movietube is another Soap2Day alternative that contains a large collection of movies, including some old ones. Most of the content available on this website is free. 

Let’s take a look at pros and cons of Movietube:

Contains old moviesMay contain some third-party links
Easy to use
Have a large database of movies

The user interface is decent and easy to use. All these features add this website to the list of Soap2Day alternatives.

Popcorn Time Homepage

Popcorn Time is a famous streaming platform for TV shows and movies. It’s an open-source torrent site with a built-in media player for streaming popular TV episodes and movies. It features amazing movies that can be downloaded to your device.

Check out some pros and cons of Popcorn Time:

Mobile application availableContains advertisements
HD streams available
Anime available

Additionally, most of the movies there are in high definition, which makes this website even more worth opting for. It also contains anime, which makes this website unique.

PrimeWire Homepage

PrimeWire is one of the similar Soap2Day websites. It contains different genres of movies, including some blockbusters and mega-hit movies. There are some cartoons as well available here. 

Given below are some pros and cons of PrimeWire:

Contains blockbuster moviesAvailable in some countries only.
Cartoons available
Safe to use

Furthermore, their mobile website is accessible on both Android and iOS but unfortunately, this fantastic website is only available in some countries.

If this website is banned in your country, you can use PrimeWire alternatives to get access to this amazing website. 

Hulu TV Homepage

Hulu TV is another Soap2Day alternative that contains different movies. Its easy-to-use website layout makes it a good choice over Soap2Day. Hulu is available for streaming on PC, Apple iOS and TV, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Switch. 

Let’s look at some pros and cons of Hulu TV:

Interactive website layoutRequires a monthly or yearly subscription. 
A variety of content is available
HD streams available

Even though the website requires a subscription, the amount asked for the same is quite low when compared to other such streaming platforms, but the prices are low when compared to platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It costs $6.99 per month with no ads and $12.99 per month with live TV plans.                      

SolarMovie Homepage

If you’re a movie lover, you may already be familiar with SolarMovie – a popular alternative to Soap2Day. This website is easily accessible through various media players, such as Roku, Smart TV, Fire Stick, Android, and iOS. Its user-friendly layout and attractive UI make it a top choice for movie enthusiasts. 

Here are some pros and cons of SolarMovie:

Easy to useAvailable in a few countries only. 
A variety of content is available
Contains blockbuster movies

Even though SolarMovie is blocked in some countries, you can use a VPN to ensure smooth operation on the same. 

Tubi TV Homepage

Tubi TV is a well-known streaming network that allows users to watch hundreds of free movies and television shows online. Its layout is satisfactory, and the overall performance is pretty decent. Unfortunately, on this website, sometimes users have to face lagging issues.

Check out some pros and cons of Tubi TV:

Safe to useAvailable in some countries
HD streams available
Have a large database of movies

If the website is banned in your country, you may use a VPN to access it. 

Peacock TV Homepage

Peacock TV is a brand-new streaming service from NBC. It contains numerous movie options, TV channels, and sports streams. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Soap2Day alternative sites.

It provides free material, great playback, and a brilliant collection of movies to millions of customers. It is one of the finest online streaming apps.

Take a look at some pros and cons of Peacock TV:

Safe to useVPN is required 
A variety of content is available
Interactive website layout

Peacock TV is also available as an app for Roku, Smart TV, Android, iOS, and other streaming devices. Similar to other alternatives, this site might be deemed illegal in your country.

FMovies Homepage

FMovies is another Soap2Day alternative with thrilling movies. It contains different types of movies, including the latest ones like Barbie, Oppenheimer, and more. This website is a heaven for movie lovers. 

Overall, the layout is simplistic, which makes it worthy enough to book a spot in Soap2Day alternatives.

Given below are some pros and cons of FMovies:

Mobile application availableContains Third-party links
HD streams available
Interactive user interface

Even though there are dozens of reasons to select this website over Soap2Day, it might be exposed to malware, so be cautious while using this Soap2Day alternative.

Crunchyroll Homepage

Crunchyroll is a world-famous platform known for different types of anime. This website is owned by a US-based company headquartered in California. Their user interface is very simple and easy to use, and additionally, there is an option to download the anime. 

Take a look at some pros and cons of Crunchyroll:

Safe to useRequires a subscription.
Tons of Anime available
Supports a mobile application.

All of these features make this website a great replacement for Soap2Day. Unfortunately, this website is limited to anime only, and there are no movies available on this platform.

YouTube Movies Section

It’s no surprise that YouTube is among the top movie streaming sites. It has tons of free films including some latest movies. There’s a variety of content, from classic comedy to sports and much more. Platforms like Popcornflix broadcast complete movies on YouTube.

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of YouTube:

A variety of content is availableContains advertisements
Interactive user interface
HD streams available

Undoubtedly, YouTube is free and safe to use. The only problem is the availability of spam channels that upload fake movies with misleading thumbnails.

Crackle Homepage

Crackle is an online movie-streaming platform that contains a variety of movies and TV shows. You can enjoy this platform on your TV just by creating a free account. However, the majority of the content available on this website is not family-friendly.

Check out some pros and cons of Crackle:

Free to useMight not be family-friendly.
Simplistic website layout
HD streams available

This website is a fantastic Soap2Day alternative, and you’ll hardly need a VPN as this website is available in most countries.

Classic Cinema Online Homepage

Old is gold! The same goes with Classic Cinema Online, as this Soap 2 Day alternative contains an array of classic old movies. This platform has a straightforward user interface, which makes it a good choice over Soap2Day. 

Given below are some pros and cons of Classic Cinema Online:

Contains old moviesMay exposed to malware
Simplistic website layout 
A variety of content is available

Unfortunately, this platform is exposed to malware, so a VPN connection is mandatory throughout this website.

AZMovies Homepage

AZMovies is a prime example of variation in quality. This amazing Soap2Day alternative contains tons of movies, including the latest ones as well. However, this website contains third-party links to various OTT platforms, which are not free to use.

Here are some pros and cons of AZMovies:

Contains Disney movies as well.Some movies might be paid.
HD streams available

There were some rumors that this website was no longer available, but we did a fact check and it turns out that AZMovies still exists on the internet.  

Yes Movies Homepage

YesMovies allows you to search for and explore your favorite films and television episodes. You can simply find all the information about any movie or television program, such as its IMDb score, cast, reviews, and summary. This free movie app offers sophisticated searches to help you find what you’re looking for.

Check out some pros and cons of AZMovies:

A variety of content is availableMight require a VPN.
Have a mobile application
Interactive UI 

This website is for people who like watching movies and TV shows and want to find easy ways to watch them online. The first screen has suggestions for movies, search options, and a button to sign in.

Is It Legal to Use Soap2Day Alternatives?

Picture of a Cop

Well, the answer may not be surprising, as Soap2Day and other movie sites like Soap2Day are not legal to use. They do not own all the movies and TV shows they contain because the movie producers have sold their broadcasting rights to media outlets and OTT platforms, so these platforms just leak the content illegally. 

As a result, there is always a constant risk of being banned by Google and other search engines. Additionally, the website is not safe to use and is exposed to tons of malware.

So, just to be on the safe side, we suggest you use a VPN connection.

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Ans: Unfortunately, due to the copyright violation policy, Soap2Day is temporarily unavailable.

Ans: Yes! Soap2Day is free to use. However, some third-party links may require payment.

Ans: Yes, there are dozens of such websites. Some of them are PrimeWire, Movietube, Peacock TV, Xumo TV, and many more.