Best 20 Crackstreams Alternatives in 2024

Streaming  September 11, 2023

Crackstreams Alternatives

Crackstreams for sports lovers is like coffee for doughnuts. It is a sports live-streaming website that provides links to all the live streams of any kind of sports, mainly events like NBA, boxing, the UFC, mixed martial arts, etc. And the best thing? It’s completely free! Not only that, but crackstreams movies are also quite popular. 

With a stable internet connection, you can enjoy the live streams of your favorite sports in good quality. But I understand why you would be looking for crack stream alternatives; since it got shut down and the mirror version became available, but the site is nowhere near perfect, and there are a lot of ads that hinder your experience. In some cases, it redirects you to a different, not-so-secure website, and a lot of other problems. 


20 Best Alternate Sites to Crackstream 

Crackstreams have not been working properly since the original site got shut down and several new versions became available. Are your streaming standards high and cracksteam is not doing justice to you? I have here the best websites like crackstreams. From stream quality to overall user experience, these apps are the best crackstreams alternatives. 

DISCLAIMER: We will neither support nor promote any pirated content in any case. We advise our readers to watch the sports streams only on the official sites and channels. We don’t support or suggest illegal websites. 


Fotyval homepage 

Fotyval is the best crackstreams alternative to watch football matches from around the world, including the Premier League and world competitions such as Euro 2024 and the Football World Cup. It has a collection of live video links and the website design is very simple and super easy to use. It has over 3000 servers in its network which makes the site reliable and fast. 

Fotyval is available in countries like Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and the United States.

Let’s look at the pros and cons:

Pros Cons
It is available in more than 15 languages. Provides multiple links for a single live match. Only available in a few countries. 

Be careful while clicking on the links, they might redirect to rogue pop-ups. 


Sportsurge home page 

If you are a sports fan, I’m sure you already know about this site. Sportsurge is the best free online website to watch sports events like NFL, NHL, NBA, MMA, and boxing games. It provides links to all the major sports like Boxing, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc., and is one of the best crackstream alternatives. 

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of Sportsurge:

Pros Cons
It’s easy to use Low risk of malware Limited stream options 

Sports Surge can work on your mobile, laptop, tablet, Firestick, TV, etc. 


 Hesgoal homepage 

Hesgoal is also one of the best free alternatives to watch football. It provides content aired from MotoGP, Boxing, Snooker, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Hesgoal F1, etc. 

In fact, it will feed you with anything related to football like, live scores, match highlights, stats, events, analysis, commentary, notification, football news, etc. So if you are a football fan, this is the best crackstreams alternative you can go for! 

Now let’s look at the pros and cons:

Pros Cons 
It provides everything related to football. No signup or login is required You can watch many premium sports events too.  Risk of viruses and malware. It is not mobile-friendly. 

There are also several alternatives to Hesgoal that you should check out. 


Meth Stream homepage

MethStreams offers all your favorite sports in one place, and that too for free! It has the most sports matches, tournaments, and leagues. There are certain alternatives to MethStream, but so far it is the best one, offering you all kinds of sports in one place!

There are a few pros and cons to MethSreams: 

Pros Cons 
All kinds of sports are available High-quality videoProvides support in a variety of languages.There might be too many ads. 


NFLbite homepage 

NFLbite offers hundreds of live sports streams for free! It is perfect for those who have to watch live matches in the subway or on the buses while traveling since it works perfectly fine on mobile. 

Know the pros and cons of NFLbite:

Pros Cons 
Can be accessed on any device.A large variety of games are available.User-friendly interface Full page ads Not much content on the non-match days. 

Sony Liv

 Sony Liv homepage

Not only sports, but Sony Liv has a wide range of content like movies, shows, web series, and of course a lot of sports channels. Sony Liv offers live streaming of sports like cricket, football, tennis, WWE, boxing, and UFC. 

Pros and cons are as follows:

Pros Cons 
Premium on-demand content Content available in HD quality. Limited sports are available. Not everything is free. 


Bosscast homepage 

Another best crack stream alternative is Bosscast where you can stream your favorite sports without worrying about safety. It offers so many kinds of sports in different languages. It’s absolutely perfect for any sports lover.

Pros and cons of Bosscast:

Pros Cons 
Easy to accessLots of sports streams are available Lots of ads.  

VIP League

 VIP League homepage 

It has a wide variety of sports and hundreds of live streams. VIP League also offers a live chat option, which makes watching streams even more interesting. It provides a VIP service for anyone looking to watch football, basketball, soccer, tennis, or other sports. 

The pros and cons are as follows: 

Pros Cons 
All sports live-streaming links are available. Also provides informative sports news. Too many pop-ads. 


LiveTV homepage 

LiveTV is completely true to its name as it offers live-streaming of sports from the stadium straight to your screens. User experience is improved with its accessible navigation features and clean interface. It also provides a free Flash player to watch the games on their PCs.

Pros and Cons of LiveTV

Pros Cons 
Free Flash playerSeamless live-streaming Many languages are available. Pop-up ads

First Row Sports 

 First Row Sports 

Watch your favorite sports live with just a few clicks on First Row Sports. Experience the front-row experience with good-quality streams of rugby, Soccer, motorcycling, basketball, tennis, baseball, boxing, and ice hockey. 

Furthermore, it provides many proxies so that you can enjoy your favorite sports without any hindrance. 

Pros and cons of First Row Sports: 

Pros Cons 
Watch on any device Offers all kinds of sports streams The links may not be available in every country. 


 Bufferstreams homepage 

Bufferstream is one of the well-known sports streaming websites with abundant links to make sure you don’t miss anything. Using Bufferstream is also super easy, so you can watch your favorite stream without much hassle. 

Pros and cons of Bufferstrems

Pros Cons 
Cover different types of sports Free sports live stream May be harmful to the device 


SportsLemon Homepage 

SportsLemon offers everything from Basketball, football, and tennis to boxing, and what I love the most about it is that it provides multiple links. Some sports content can also be watched with external software. 

Pros and cons of SportsLemon: 

Pros Cons 
HD streams are available Easy to use Since it’s not available everywhere, it may need a VPN connection 


Wizwig homepage 

Wizwig streams all kinds of football and soccer matches, and the best part is all of it is free. You can watch the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and many other football leagues on Wiziwig.

Pros and Cons of Wizwig:

Pros Cons 
MMA streams are also availableEverything is free of cost  Contains advertisements


Stream2Watch homepage 

If you don’t have an active cable connection or there are blackouts in your area on the day of an important match, then Stream2Watch is perfect for you. All kinds of sports lives are available on this website. 

Pros and Cons of Wizwig:

Pros Cons 
Recorded live streams are available. Less number of advertisements Contains third-party links 

Batmanstream Sports  

 Batmanstreams homepage 

Batmansports is one of the best crackstream alternatives, and no doubt it’s quite popular. You’ll find all kinds of sports streams here, including leagues like IPL and BBL.

The site does not require you to register for anything, just click on the link and start streaming.

Pros and Cons of Batmanstream Sports:

Pros Cons 
It is completely freeDoesn’t require you to sign up Pop-up ads No live TV

The name must be enough to tell you that this is a football-specific website. Plus, you can watch everything related to Ronaldo here, his backstory, all the news related to him, his upcoming matches details, and other things. 

Pros and cons of

Pros Cons 
Event stats before every game Everything related to football Only football streaming 

Jokerlivestream Sports 

 Joakerlivestream sports homepage 

Joakerlivestream provides the link to one of the most popular sports live streams and events including Football, Rugby, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Motorsport, Tennis, and more.

Pros and cons of Jokerlivestream:

Pros Cons 
A large variety of sports are available Easy to access and use Might be exposed to malware. 


Bilaspost homepage 

Bilasport is a hub for all the NFL streams in one place. Multiple links are available for every match, which allows you to stream in HD quality. It is very popular in the Middle East. 

Pros and cons of Bilasport 

Pros Cons 
Multiple links to a single match Good quality streams Easy to access and use VPN is required for a few streams 


Footybite homepage 

Footybite is a backup to the original Reddit Soccer Streams. All the links of the matches are available with information such as type of language, channel, number of ads, and user votes. 

Pros and cons of Footybite:

Pros Cons 
No pop-up advertisement Easy to access Most content is limited to soccer 


 Volokit homepage 

Volokit offers a large variety of sports programs including on-demand content, highlights, shows, etc., making it one of the most popular American football, basketball, hockey, and MMA leagues. 

Pros and cons of Volokit:  

Pros Cons 
HD video quality On-demand streams available Live chatMay require login. 

Is Crackstreams Legal? 

No, crackstreams or any other sites like crackstreams are not legal in most countries. These websites stream live events for free without the permission of the broadcasting channels who own the rights to these live streams. 

If you are using crackstreams or any other websites like crackstreams, it may expose you to several legal risks, malware, and viruses that may infect your computer. 


Crackstream is not as easy to use as before, it has a lot of pop-up ads and the quality of the content is nowhere near perfect. In this situation, if you don’t want to pay for the cable connection of the sports and still want to watch all the live sports events, then some amazing crackstream alternatives may be able to help you. 

All of them are free, may or may not require logging in, and offer good-quality live streams with a stable internet connection. But be careful while streaming on these websites since they are not legal and can expose you to numerous risks and viruses. 


Ans: The original cracksteam website got shut down and is not available anymore, however, there are some mirror sites available in the name of crackstreams like 

Ans: If you are looking for crackstreams alternatives, then go for Hesgoal, LiveTV, Sportsurge, Methstreams,, etc.

Ans: Express VPN and Nord VPN are the best when you want to stream free sports on Crackstreams or any other website.