40+ Best Hesgoal Alternatives for Fans in 2024!

Streaming  August 18, 2023

hesgoal alternatives

Disclaimer: Remember, the free sites often do not own the content or upload it on the platform. In fact, most of the time, they only contain links to the streaming platforms. Also, this article is written for educational purposes. We neither host, promote or contribute to these platforms nor verify the legality of the sites.

Football is the one of the most popular sports in the world, according to Statistics and Data analysis reports. Fans lookup for free streaming platforms to watch thrilling soccer events and various other sports. Due to which Hesgoal came into the picture. 

There are so many platforms that offer fans with access to sports either for free or by charging some subscription amount. Therefore, whether it is NFC, MLB, NBA, College Football, or American Football, you can access live scores, videos, stats, etc. using these sites. Hesgoal was popular for streaming football without any charges. However, due to its unavailability at various geographical locations in the world, fans have to find relevant alternatives to it.  

Services like these are surely beneficial, but they all come with a time limit, that’s why you should know about their alternatives. Whether it is about knowing Methstream alternatives to watch sports or Primewire alternatives for streaming movies, knowing about these websites will benefit you in the long run.

In this article, you will discover 40+ substitute platforms so that you can pick the most reliable Hesgoal alternative for you. 

Hesgoal: A Brief Overview 

Hesgoal has been termed as the best football streaming site by many of its fans. Also, it provides content aired from MotoGP, Boxing, Snooker, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Hesgoal F1, and many more on the platform. In fact, if you are particularly a Football enthusiast, it won’t disappoint you at all. 

The popularity of football is quite high. In fact, according to Statista, 1.5 million adults take part in football as spectators, players, or fans. The stadium crowd and fans’ engagement with the events, leagues, and championships on social media prove the craze for this sport across the globe. 

So, What can you watch at Hesgoal?

  • Live scores 
  • Match highlights 
  • Stats 
  • Events 
  • Analysis 
  • Commentary 
  • Notification Football news, etc. 

Features of Hesgoal

The distinctive features of Hesgoal are: 

  • Push notifications 
  • Live matches
  • Highlights 
  • Football news
  • Classic videos 

Well, due to these impressive characteristics, Hesgoal made its place amongst football fans! 

40+ Hesgoal Alternatives to Watch Football 

Hesgoal is not a completely reliable choice to watch sports content, so if you are also looking for Hesgoal alternatives in the UK to enjoy exciting sports and soccer events, check out the list below. 

🏓 Note:- Before using any of the substitutes, make sure you have a reliable internet connection so that you can stream its content smoothly.

Free Hesgoal Alternatives

Here, we have enlisted the best sites like Hesgoal, from which you can choose the one that you find useful.  


Hesgoals.es is the first Hesgoal alternative on the list. It is 77% similar to Hesgoal. Soccer lovers can get updates about The League, The League 2, etc. Also, you can catch the news, highlights, and much more. 

Using this, you can watch the live matches, highlights of the popular matches of the present day, the next day, and the past day’s matches. Hence, it serves as one of the preferred platforms to watch soccer. 


BossCast is a free streaming platform that provides content from various sports categories, such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, and much more. It has received lots of applause from sports critics. If you are interested in sharing your opinions during the match, there is a chat window to serve you. 

It is the best Hesgoal alternative in the market, where you need not worry about paying the platform charges and completing the mandatory steps for a subscription. You can quickly enter the online live events and start watching with just a click. 


Footybite is an excellent pick for those who don’t want to get involved in long-form videos but are keenly interested in real-time ratings. This primarily functions as an information platform that provides live-score in real-time for its users. 

It covers Major League Soccer, World Cup Women, Premier League, MMA, UFC, Boxing, NBA, NFL, etc. The homepage itself explains the online matches, upcoming matches, or previous events. You can quickly navigate to the content you are looking for and slide into further details of a particular event with a click. 

VIP Row Sports

VIP Row is one of the fastest-growing and free-streaming platforms to watch live sports. If you are looking for a Firstrowsports replacement, it is a beautiful choice. Here, you can watch American Football, baseball, boxing, etc. Although the domain claims to be up, it still directs its users to the VIP ROW site. 

Along with this, you can get a list of all the live matches in a single click of soccer, horse racing, NASCAR, etc. In fact, you can go for dual-streaming, enjoy its contents in high-quality, adjust the video quality, and much more. 


VIPLeague is a wonderful site that helps maintain active connectivity. This is among the most popular platforms for streaming Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, etc. Additionally, you can enter the live events just by clicking a link. 

You can either directly watch it from your browser or access its contents on your smartphone or tablet by downloading its app. You can utilize the links to different sports to enhance your viewing experience. 


StreamSport is a site like Hesgoal, just as the name describes, to watch sports. The homepage has various links from where you can watch the content of your choice. From NBA games to Football, you can enjoy various categories. 

Although it doesn’t charge at all to stream its content, it is necessary to use a proxy to avoid geographical restrictions. Moreover, it is a worthy choice for football fans out there. 


RedStreamSport is a fantastic platform to fulfill the need for watching sports online and enjoying live videos. If you love soccer, basketball, football, rugby, ice-hocky, tennis, etc., and want a one-stop destination, it is the best one to pick. 

In addition to this, you will receive highlights and sports news in one place. Furthermore, you can enjoy playing videos in various resolutions and watching live TV channels. 


ATDHE is a site to allow fans to watch Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Boxing, US Football, etc. It has a Twitter tab that directs users to their Twitter profile and interacts with the content shared on the profile. 

From their homepage, you can slide into any sport of your choice and enjoy its posts. Besides this, 250+ live videos are present on this platform to access. Also, as it’s a free-streaming site, it doesn’t charge anything from its users. 


Buffstreams is a platform to watch MMA, Football, Boxing, NBA, NFL, Formula 1, and cricket in one place. This provides access to watch live matches. It is the hub of the hottest matches, due to which it’s gaining more and more popularity these days. 

Not only this, you can watch the live scores too, in case you don’t have enough time to sit and watch the entire match. 

Additionally, here you can look for updates at any time. Hence, it’s worth picking one for you to upgrade your sports-watching activities.  


LiveTV is another compatible option to watch live-streaming of sports. You can access it from your phone, tablet, too. For a football enthusiast, it’s a wonderful choice. Besides, these users can enjoy live-streaming sports from various parts of the world. 

One of the impressive things about this site is it allows users to watch a match and access the latest sports updates simultaneously. It provides highlights, videos, live updates, and much more about popular sports like basketball, football, hockey, etc. 


ScoresinLive is a Hesgoal replacement site to watch the latest soccer matches, scores, leagues, competitions, and live scores from various other popular sports and outdoor games in one place. In fact, if you are a hardcore sports fanatic, you can start watching within a minute. 

In addition, its homepage itself has covered multiple categories and provided their respective live updates. So if you are someone who loves to get to know about so many significant things at a glance, this is just the perfect pick for you.


Crackstreams is a destination for NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and Soccer matches. Here, you can watch the events for absolutely free. UFC, MMA, and popular boxing events are covered too, which means you can have the best things served to you in one place. 

Additionally, the navigation is very easy on this platform, and you can directly slide into the event of your interest without any delays. Moreover, the link to the sports events, championships, or leagues gets updated every day. 


Bilasport is a great platform for not only high-quality content but statistical research-based stuff. You can get a comprehensive, full-fledged analysis of all the major sports in the United States. If you love watching sports and games such as NBA, NFL, MMA, Boxing, NGL, MLB, etc. Bilasport is a great option for you. 


Strikeout is the fastest-growing platform that allows fans to watch live sports in a very-high video quality for free of cost. From daily updates to dark themes, it is incorporated with all the features. 

Not only this you can enjoy sports from various categories such as Football, basketball, tennis, golf, AFL, rugby, etc. Watching the events is very easy, just click on it to begin watching. 


LiveOnSat is a site that allows users to access all the Football matches, get updates, and enjoy live telecasts. It provides TV and sports broadcast schedules for fans. 

Additionally, fans can watch here, the contents from various nations such as France, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Belgium, Croatia, Croatia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, and many more countries along with the geographical zones. 


WiziWig is an amazing destination if the best video quality is your first preference for watching sports. The platform has a simple interface with a chat room, a recommendation feature, and many more features. 

In case, you are very possessive to provide your personal information for registering to watch it, at this platform, no such information is required. You can directly start watching the sports of your choice by clicking on the link provided. 


SportLemon is a fantastic choice to watch live sports. Users can access its contents from anywhere and at any time. Almost all the categories are covered on this platform, therefore, you can enjoy any one of your interests with a device that has a seamless internet connection. 

Additionally, there is no limit to exploring the categories and watching them. Besides this, you don’t even need to provide any of your details to begin watching the content provided on this site. 


Sport365 is a sports lovers’ destination for those who want to watch such content from anywhere, anytime. The mobile-based and web-based applications can help you watch Football, basketball, baseball, etc. 

It has all the features, such as receiving notifications, high-quality video streaming, a chat window, and many more. However, in case you love the content in your language, here is the good news, the platform supports more than 30 languages. 


Time4TV is an impressive substitute for Hesgoal which is looking for a few advanced features as well. On this platform, you can quickly find and watch leagues, matches, or championships of your choice. 

Apart from this, you can access high-quality audio and video when watching anything here.  Also, if you don’t have enough time to sit and watch the complete match, you can turn on its notifications and receive the latest score updates about Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, etc. 


FirstRowSport is a perfect destination to watch Football matches, basketball matches, baseball matches, etc. The expert team of developers and sports enthusiasts have contributed to creating this beautiful platform so that users would be able to watch matches, leagues, or any ongoing event of their choice. 

You can likewise connect to their Twitter profile and interact with the content shared by them. Not only this, but here you can read news, get updates about upcoming events, and much more. 


CricHD is a first choice for fans looking for interactive features. It has a simple interface and users can enjoy sports of their choice like Football, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, etc. Besides this, you can watch international matches too. 

Apart from this, you can get real-time updates so that you won’t miss anything. It has a chat feature, using which you can discuss with other fellow fans and share your opinions. 


CricFree is not only limited to football, along with this, it covers cricket, baseball, basketball, and many more sports on its platform. It hosts the links to videos. In fact, users can enjoy content from various streaming platforms as it hosts content from other platforms. 

Users can enjoy the high-video quality and diversity of content of basketball, football, baseball, hockey, tennis, American Football, etc. Hence, it is a worthy choice to go for. 


Stream2Watch is an option for fans who are, either, do not have a cable subscription or facing issues with it, but still want to access the sports updates. Additionally, the impressive point is that it has the biggest index of sports live content. 

Whether you want to watch live videos or shows, you can find it here. You can directly tune in to the event in which you are interested and won’t miss any updates which matter to you. 


Batmanstream is a perfect fit for those fans who don’t want to bother with ads during their sports entertainment. It has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface, so that finding and sharing links won’t be a problem at all. 

Its excellent features include social media sharing, chat windows, notification pop-ups, recommendations, etc. Therefore, it is an enjoyable platform. 


LiveSoccerTV is a perfect place for Soccer lovers. As the name suggests, it comprises details, updates, news, and videos of soccer events. It covers popular matches such as North America Leagues, FIFA Women’s World Cup, South America-(Copa Libertaddores), etc. 

Additionally, you can get well-researched content on this platform. Fans can enjoy the on-demand content made available on this platform. 

beIN Sports

beIN Sports is a fantastic option for those who are looking for streaming content of various types. Users can do customizations to have an enhanced experience. 

The platform provides content in HD, hence, you won’t get disappointed with the quality of the videos here. You can indulge in football matches from the top league, championships, and other popular events. 


Ronaldo7 is another alternative to Hesgoal but it is quite better in terms of its interface. Talking about the other features of it, which are quite similar to Hesgoal. It has more than mere Football games to offer. 

Here, you can check out your favorite player, know their performance, find their images, and get a chance to get involved in betting. If you have missed any game, you can likewise get access to the highlights and gather insights. Therefore, it is a great pick for football enthusiasts. 


Totalsportek resembles Footybite, as the interface of both sites is very similar. This provides its fans with an easy interface so that they can navigate to the necessary functional buttons with ease, even if you are a newbie. 

If you are a hard-core football fan, streams of The Premier League, Ligue1, Serie A, and UEFA Championship League will not disappoint you. Apart from this, you can enjoy FORMULA 1, UFC, boxing, etc. on this platform. 


MamaHD is a site that provides high-quality content and is one of the popular Hesgoal substitutes. You can enjoy streaming its contents from your phone or PC. Whether it is football, basketball, baseball, boxing, or racing, you can have so many options to pick. 

With this, you will never miss out on any thrilling match, league, or championship. Moreover, the platform is very interactive and so, you won’t encounter any troubles while using this. 

Facebook Watch1

Facebook Watch is considered the best medium to watch sports and their highlights. It is completely free, and you can enjoy watching various other content for free of cost.

Not only this, but you can engage with the videos or the posts shared. In case you love watching live videos, you can search for them here. Additionally, it supports social media sharing and commenting. 


Sportsurge is a fantastic site to watch popular sports events for free. In fact, you can watch all the past events, and ongoing events and get updates about upcoming events. 

It enables its fans to enjoy HD videos, live videos and explore the content of their interest. Due to this, it has covered a vast variety of sports categories on its platform. 


StreamFootballTV is less-known to the fans. But, if you are someone who wants only content covering Football, you must go for this. It allows you to watch live and on-demand sports, get the latest updates, and much more. 

Additionally, it has various filters to allow you to filter out the content of your choice without wasting any time. In fact, you can put reminders so that you won’t miss anything. 

Paid Sites Like Hesgoal

A few paid sites that you can choose to watch Hesgoal without any hassles. Some popular paid alternatives are as follows:- 

FOX Sports2

FOX Sports is the first paid Hesgoal alternative on the list. Here, you can watch content from FS1, FS2, Big Ten Network, Fox Soccer Plus, FOX Deportes, and much more. Users can use it on their Android or iOS devices. Besides this, if you have your cable TV provider credential, you can watch the content for free. 

Not only this, if you are using Tubi- Free Live TV, you can enjoy watching it for free. Also, it allows users to access 75+ channels and enjoy their content. 

  • Starting Price:- $74.99/Month only 
  • Trial Period:- New users can enjoy a 5-day trial period. 
NBC Sports

NBC Sports is another paid alternative for the Soccer players out there. You can watch its contents from the comfort of your home. You can enjoy events such as Cycling, NHL, NASCAR, Golf, Rugby, and Volleyball, all in HD quality. 

Also, it can be streamed on iOS and Android devices, which is another interesting thing about it. 

  • Starting price:- $4.99 Monthly 
  • Trial Period:- 7-day free trial on Peacock

🏓 Note: It has shifted its major content to Peacock, that’s why it’s a free trial of 7 days on Peacock only. 

fubo TV2

fubo TV is a fantastic choice to enjoy football matches, leagues, etc. Not only Football, but you can watch other games like baseball here. It has 100+ channels to provide content about various kinds of sports. 

In addition, the events provided here that you will love are NFL, NBA, NASCAR, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, College Sports, UEFA Champions League, etc. Apart from this, it has compatible apps for Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, etc. 

  • Starting Price:- $65 monthly for the Starter package and $70/monthly for the Pro package. 
  • Trial Period:- New users can enjoy a 7-day trial period 

Peacock is a mind-blowing substitute of Hesgoal for football lovers. You can go for PeacockTV activation to access the cheapest Hesgoal alternative uk. You can enjoy matches such as Major League Soccer, WWE, IMSA, English Premier League, the Champions League, Major League Baseball, horse racing, etc. in HD and 4K formats. 

Furthermore, you can easily access its contents if you are domiciling in North America or Europe. But, in case you are not from any of such platforms, you can still use a VPN to enjoy the content. Also, the native apps for ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, macOS, LG, XBOX, PlayStation, etc. 

  • Starting Price:- $4 to $9/Month
  • Trial Period:- 7-day trial period 
BT Sport

BT Sport is an impressive platform, especially if you are Rugby and Moto-GP lover along with Football and looking for their content in one place. It is one of the popular platforms called as the home of world-class sporting events. Users can get updates about the live matches, news, and video highlights from the event. 

Here you can watch UEFA Champions League, Premier League, etc. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and many more devices. Also, anyone can use this, because of its easy interface. 

  • Starting Price:-
    The packages per month are as follows:-
  • For sports = €12
  • For entertainment = €20 
  • For the big entertainment = €30 
  • For big sports = €43
  • For VIP = €76 
  • Trial Period:- No trial period is available 

Skysports is a worthy Hesgoal alternative. Its users can enjoy its content from mobile, iPad, laptop, etc. It is a superb choice if you are a cricket lover. Not only this, but you can enjoy watching boxing, golf, F1, Rugby, soccer matches, English Premier League, etc. It further enhances the viewing experience of the viewers here. 

It is one of the major websites for air sports championships. Users can enjoy the technical support provided on this platform. Also, you can easily subscribe to the platform via the subscription packages. 

  • Starting Price:- €34.99 monthly 
  • Trial Period:- The 7-day trial period is no longer available, as of January 2023.  

ESPN+ is one of the big names, and many users are familiar with it. It features tons of live videos. Not only football, basketball, hockey, baseball, college sports, tennis, golf, MMA, NASCAR, UFC Fight Nights, esports, etc. are available on this platform. 

Although some content, like news, replays, and interviews,  are accessible for free, for others, you need to subscribe to their plan. But, for soccer streams, it’s a perfect place. In addition, interested users can watch the Disney+ Hulu Bundle at a very reasonable price of $19.99 per month. 

  • Starting Price:- $9.99/month and $99.99/year
  • Trial Period:- 7-day trial period 
YouTube TV

Here comes another sports streaming website with NBA, NFL, racing, boxing, and MLB videos. This has more than 85 channels, where several movies and entertainment collections are available. It allows connecting six accounts and simultaneously streaming from three accounts’ using different devices. 

Also, the live videos provided here are in HD or 4K quality with unlimited DVR storage. You can customize your experience using features like; sports filtering, stats viewing, video quality adjustment, etc. Furthermore, you can watch sports from CBS Sports Network, FS1, FS2, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, Tennis Channel, Olympic Channel, NFL Network, and much more. 

  • Starting Price:- $64.99/ Month 
  • Trial Period:- 14-day trial period is available.  

Hulu+ Live TV is the best Hesgoal replacement, with 75+ channels and numerous television series and films. Besides this, it is available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Android TV, etc. 

If you love College Football games, you can watch them on NFC. Also, you can watch NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, ABC, BTN, FS1, NFL Network, etc. However, if you own a Hulu plan, you can switch to Hulu + Live TV and enjoy watching all the on-demand content of your choice. 

  • Starting Price:-  $69.99/month (With Disney+ ESPN+)
  • Trial Period:- 3-day trial period is unavailable.

Laola1 is a worthy Hesgoal alternative to watch Football streams. Although it is based in Austria, it is still an international site for streaming free sports content. It is a subsidiary of Sportsman, launched in 2001. It does not only help you to get updates about football but provides volleyball, handball, table tennis, basketball, and many more. 

Thereby, making it possible for the fans to watch all of their favorite content in one place. During the UEFA Champions League, it provided ample content to the users. Also, it has an easy-to-navigate homepage, which makes it easy for users to locate the content of their interest. 

  • Starting Price:- €4.99 per month, including VAT. 

Paramount is a destination for you if you are someone who loves to watch Soccer as much as Top Gun: Maverick. Apart from this, you can watch various films and TV programs. 

Here you can catch up with the latest sports updates from CBS, UEFA, NFL, and much more. Apart from this, you can access iconic movies and other award-winning classic hits. Furthermore, you can watch it on your favorite device, such as Apple TV, PlayStation PS 4 & PS 5, etc. 

  • Starting Price:- $5.99 to $11.99/Month 
  • Trial Period:- 7 days of the trial period is available. 
Optus Sport

Optus Sport is one of the best Football streaming platforms. You can watch The Premier League, UEFA Champions League here. You can create a free account and enjoy the free sports content. It provides athletic content, the latest news, and match highlights too. Furthermore, in case you are not residing in Australia, you can access the contents using a reliable VPN. 

🏓 Note: It has shifted its major content to Peacock, that’s why it’s a free trial of 7 days on Peacock only. 

  • Starting Price:-$24.99/Month or $199/year
  • Trial Period:- The trial period is not available.

Well, these were the subscription-based options that you could choose to go for as per your choice!

Is it legal to Utilize Hesgoal?

Hesgoal is an illegal website, and the domain has been seized by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Now, the website displays a warning considering the act of reproducing copyrighted content like movies, music, event videos, etc. as unlawful activity. Also, users who might try to access such a platform can land in legal trouble and face harsh consequences. 

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Wrapping Up 

These were the 40+ best football streaming sites, Hesgoal. Both free and paid options are covered here so that you can pick the one which fits you according to your preferences. In addition, you need to choose the most acceptable sites because usually, the ones with free content are not very reliable. Moreover, you can use the links to directly hop into the site and begin enjoying its contents. 

Viola, you made it to the end, hope you enjoyed reading it! 


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