What is Sobeys People Portal? How to Log into Sobeys Employee Portal

Business  August 16, 2023

sobeys people portal login

Sobeys is a Canadian grocery retail corporation that operates from Sobeys Quebec. William S. (Bill) Sobeys launched the business in 1913. It has subsequently grown to become Canada’s second-largest food retailer, with retail stores across 600 distinct locations around the country. Now, you must be thinking, what is Sobeys People Portal? 

Well, the People Portal Sobeys is a one-stop destination that lets Sobey employees sign into their respective accounts. Like the popular PeopleTools ATT platform, through this portal, they can access various information about their workflow at Sobeys, Rewards they have earned, their work-related information, and much more.

In the following article, you will get to know how you can do the Sobeys employee Portal login. Moreover, you will get more information about Peoples Portal Sobeys and what benefits you can have by using this portal. 

So, to learn all this and more about the Peoples Portal, jump into the write-up below.

What is Sobeys People Portal?

As also mentioned earlier, Peoples Portal is a website where Sobeys employees can log in. Employees can receive all the information they need at this one-stop site. They just need to do the PeoplePortal login, and then, they can use the portal to gather information such as evaluating previous claims, building lists, discovering beneficial recipes, and other similar benefits. 

The firm has upgraded the Sobeys employee login portal to help workers by allowing them to save their favorite pages, check and examine their record sheets, create custom reports, and access ess.sobeys.com pay stubs. Employees can also submit their leave requests through this portal and track their past leaves and requests.

How to Login into Sobeys People Portal?

After learning about all the benefits you can avail yourself of Sobeys Peoples Portal, now you may be interested in knowing how to do the Sobeys Portal login. 

Well, the process to get into your employee account through this portal is simple. You just need to meet some basic requirements that you will need while logging into your Peoples Portal account. What these are and the precise steps to do the Sobeys Employee Portal login are given further:

Requirements to Log into Sobeys People Portal

  • Your Employee ID and password to your People Portal account.
  • Reliable and fast internet connection to access Sobeys Employee Login.
  • Access the Peoples Portal page with the latest version of a compatible browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.
  • A computer, tablet, or mobile device to access the Sibeys employee login portal.

Steps to Log into Sobeys People Portal

The steps given below will guide you to log into People Portal Sobeys:

  1. On your device, open the browser and go to the Soleys People Portal login page.
  1. Upon reaching the page, enter your Sobeys Employee ID in the Employee ID text field.
    Enter email address
  1. Next, type in your account’s password in the Password field.
    Enter password
  1. After you have filled in your login credentials, click on the Log In button to enter your account.
    Click Login

How to Change Your People Portal Password?

If you do not know what your People Portal Sobeys password is or have forgotten it, don’t worry, you can reset it in either case and then, use it to access your People Portal account. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. To begin with, open the browser and go to the People Portal sign in page.
  1. There, at the bottom of the page you will see the Forgot Password option, click on it.
    Click on Forgot Password
  1. This will open a chat window, where you have to type password reset and send it by clicking on the arrow icon.
    Enter password reset and click send
  1. After that, type in your last name in the chat window and click on the arrow icon to send it.
    Enter last name and click send
  1. Following that, you will have to enter your employee ID and again, click on the send arrow.
    Type in employee id and click send
  1. Next, if the information you have entered is correct, click Yes.
    Click Yes
  1. And with just that, your password has been reset and is in the following format: S (capital) + the last three digits of your social insurance number + your year of birth. For example S5682000.
    Get your password

You can now use this new password to log into your Peoples Portal.

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Benefits of Using the Sobeys People Portal

Now that you know what Sobeys Peoples Portal actually is, you might be wondering why you should sign into it. What benefits can you have by accessing this portal?

Well, to start with, a couple of uses of this PeoplePortal were already listed before. But, the list doesn’t end, there are a lot more benefits that you can avail yourself of through this portal. In order to know how this Sobeys PeoplePortal is helpful, you need to dive into the points given further:

  • Through the portal, you can get information about Employee Discount Programs that enable Sobeys employees to purchase products at a lower cost in their stores.
  • All full-time employees at Sobeys are covered by disability, life, and health insurance. You can make a request to avail of these through this portal.
  • PeoplePortal Sobeys allows its eEmployees to review and start retirement plans.
  • This portal also helps employees take part in the Quarters Bonus Program, where they can earn money based on their performance.
  • Employees can also receive financial assistance to further their education through the Tuition Reimbursement program offered by the organization. This is also, they can claim through the portal.
  • Through Peoples Portal, the firm provides Employee-support services, such as housing and legal guidance.

Those were some of the benefits provided by Sobeys. If you find them lacking, you can always start a freelancing career, for which you can register yourself on popular freelancing websites like Remotasks. Register yourself on the website, do the Remotasks login, and begin your freelancing career.

How Can you Sign Up for Sobeys?

The information given below is not related to the Sobeys Peoples Portal. But if you are a Sobeys customer and want to know about their latest offers, recipes, reward programs, and much more, then you can sign up for Sobeys and get all this information and much more delivered to your inbox. 

So, in order to know, how you can sign up for all this information from Sobeys, follow the steps given further:

  1. First off, on your browser go to the Sobeys Registration page.
  1. Once you have reached the page, you will have to select the province in which you are located.
  1. Then, the registration form will open, where you have to type in the following information:
    1. Your personal email address
    2. First name and last name
    3. Password, that you need to enter twice to confirm it.
    4. Your Postal Code to show the information specific to your region.
      Fill in the required info
  1. After you have filled in the above information, you have to select the option to subscribe to Sobey’s promotional messages. Also, agree to their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by selecting the given option.
    Check the stated options
  1. Finally, click on the Submit button, and your registration is done.
    Click Submit

Now you are all set to receive the latest information about sales, offers, and much more from Sobeys.

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And with that said, the guide to Sobeys Peoples Portal ends here. I hope this clears the air for you regarding how you can access this portal and what its benefits are.


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