Top 13 PimEyes Alternatives That You Should Definitely Try

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Imagine there’s a search engine like Google that can help you find all your photos on the web. Well, it sounds pretty much unreal, right? But what if I tell you that such in-depth face recognition and search technology exists in the 21st century? 

PimEyes is an amazing reverse image search and facial recognition technology that carefully searches the internet for all your images. This AI-powered face recognition software scrutinizes the web to discover the uploaded faces. Science and technology today have reached an extent where nothing looks impossible. Seriously, within seconds you can search the entire web and find all your photos uploaded on the internet to date. 

In today’s write-up, I’ll explain how this search engine finds your pictures from the web. Besides, I’ll also help you explore some incredible PimEyes-free alternatives, so just stick to the article till the end to not miss out on any important information. 

About PimEyes

PimEyes is a reverse image search tool that uses facial recognition technology to look for online images of a person posted on the internet by uploading a photo of the person on the website. The facial recognition tool that PimEyes uses is undoubtedly the best and gives accurate results within a few seconds. I know it’s hard to believe but yes this amazing AI-powered searching tool hunts the vast internet and performs the entire search within a few seconds.

PimEyes Tweet

PimEyes has successfully helped people take down approximately 32,924 images that were illegally published on the internet. So, looking at the bright side, this face recognition photo search engine can definitely help you find the source of your image and exclude the image from public results. On the other hand, this technology can also be used by stalkers for sinister purposes like stalking.

PimEyes free searches

This photo-searching technology is quite cool, but it is not accessible to everyone as it is not entirely free. Though this software provides three free trials for a new user, you won’t be able to see the names of websites that have your photos, which makes the results completely useless. The PimEyes has three pricing plans, which are as follows: –

  1. Open Plus: $14.99 per month
  2. PROtect: $59.99 per month
  3. Advanced: $299.99 per month
Pricing plans of PimEyes

If you feel its prices are out of your budget, or you don’t find investing in a photo searching software worthy, you can try the PimEyes free alternatives that are listed in the next section. 

Free Alternatives of PimEyes

There are multiple facial recognition search engines that are completely identical to PimEyes and can help you search your pictures around the web. 

Here’s the list of top free PimEyes alternatives depending on your needs you can opt for any of them. 


Search4faces is a popular Russian site that has four databases and VKontakte is the largest database with 1.1 billion results. Similar to PimEyes, this photo search engine shows precise results and has a safe search option to prevent you from dealing with pornographic sites. This site includes results from TikTok, Instagram,, and Clubhouse and has a separate photo search tool for all of them. 

Search4faces homepage

Search4faces is a promising photo-searching website that tells people about the collection period during which the pictures in the database were scanned. In case someone adds photos or creates an account on a social media site after the collection period, those images won’t show in the results. 

Furthermore, it also has a filter feature that allows the users to filter results by age, gender, country, and city which makes it better than PimEyes. Above all, this website doesn’t even need any user registration and is entirely free to use without any search limits, that’s why it’s my favorite facial recognition software. 


Well, TinEye is the first ever image-searching tool on the internet, which was released back in 2008. TinEye is a reliable website, and you can definitely count on it if you are looking for PimEyes free alternative. 

TinEye Homepage

This photo-searching software is known to have a huge database. As per the company’s claims, it has 41 billion images indexed in its database. The only limitation of this website is that it is restricted to visually-similar images and is not efficient with deep searches. 


Yandex is one of the advanced image search tools that uses image recognition and facial recognition technology to show precise results. It’s a Russian-based image-searching tool that can help you find images of even an object or a building. Yandex is one of the free PimEyes alternative sites that work exactly like PimEyes without any mandatory need for formalities like registration. 

Yandex Homepage

By combining AI and neural networks, Yandex correctly scans the uploaded image and shows all similar images in the results. Well, to get accurate results, I’ll suggest you crop the image so that the image shows only the face of the person you are looking for. 

Google Reverse Image Search

Google Reverse Image Search is another popular PimEyes alternative that can help you find similar images and the source of images. It’s more than an image recognition software and works as an effective tool for finding similar images of prominent personalities like celebrities, politicians, philosophers, scientists, public figures, and random people. The best part about Google image search is that unlike PimEyes it’s completely free to use and doesn’t need any registration. 

Google Image Search

To get exact results, you should always crop the face in the picture before uploading. It will rule out other objects or clothes and will show more precise results. To use the Google image search on your phone, you can download the Google Lens app available on both Google Play Store and App Store. 

With Google Lens, you can instantly access the reverse image search feature, which is quite missing in PimEyes. Though Google image search is really impressive, it can become less useful if you are looking for a friend of yours or someone who isn’t really famous on the web. 


PicTriev is another facial recognition and search tool that moves one step ahead and helps people find lookalikes. Like really, you can find your lookalikes on the web with PicTriev. All you have to do is upload your image and wait for PicTriev to analyze the photo. Once the analysis is done, it will show your lookalikes and help you figure out whether you have any celebrity lookalikes through the similarity score feature. 


Another cool feature that PicTriev has but is completely missing from PimEyes is that it gives you a score depending on how masculine or feminine your facial features are. On top of that, it also gives you an estimated age of the person whose picture you have uploaded.


Formerly known as SearchFace, FindClone is another Russian image-searching software that uses facial recognition technology to find similar images on the web. This site is restricted to finding matches on VKontakte (a Russia-based, popular online social media and social networking app). 

FindClone Homepage

FindClone has a limited trial version available for free, so finding your clone with this site is definitely not going to be a problem. As FindClone is a Russian image-searching tool, the homepage of this site will come in the Russian language. You can change the language to English by using Google Translate.


Betaface is very different from other facial recognition and image searching software like PimEyes or Search4faces because it helps you build your own library to search through matching faces. Basically, it lets you create your own database, where you assign each frame a name and search through the database as needed. 

Betaface Homepage

Though it sounds quite fancy, tools like Betaface are helpful during investigations as they filter potential suspects. Besides, this website allows you to compare advanced geometric and color factors. It even gives you the option of excluding or including adult content. 

Pinterest Image Search

You would be amazed to know that Pinterest is not restricted to aesthetic photos, inspiration, or ideas. Pinterest has an image search tool that shows visually similar images on Pinterest, and unlike PimEyes it’s completely free to use. To use Pinterest image search, click on the little magnifying glass present in the bottom-right corner of the image and you’ll see all the similar images. 

Pinterest Homepage

To get more accurate results, you can crop the person’s face after you click on the magnifying glass. Pinterest has a Pinterest lens that enables users to snap a photo and find visually-similar images. The only limitation of Pinterest image search is that its results are restricted to the data stored in the Pinterest app only. 

Clearview AI

Clearview AI is an amazing image search engine that claims to be one of the biggest facial networks on the internet. This image-searching software is widely used in law enforcement and private security firms. The results shown by this facial recognition tool are mostly correct, and that’s why this software plays a central role in the investigation. 

Clearview AI Homepage

It has a huge database that scans images from different sources, including social media sites. Clearview AI always performs a deep search to show you relevant results and that’s the reason it shows 100% accuracy while detecting and matching faces all around the globe. Clearview AI is definitely a trustworthy PimEyes alternative that you can even use for investigating cases. Recently, Clearview AI has released a 2.0 version which is solely dedicated to facilitating investigation. 


SauceNAO is another reverse image search engine that was designed and implemented by Xamayon. The name of this image-searching technology is derived from a slang form of ‘need to know the source of this now.’ It is popularly known for showing the exact location of the image so that you can get it removed.

SauceNAO Homepage

This website is quite easy to use, you just need to enter the image URL or select an image from the device to start the search. If you want to omit explicit and pornographic content, select the safe search option and hit the search option. SauceNAO has a vast database so you’ll be able to see all the similar images along with their sources. 


NooBox Homepage

NooBox is a very handy reverse image search engine that extracts images. With this site extension, you can easily search the internet for your photos and see the sources of the sites that have used your picture. All you have to do is upload the image link and perform a reverse image search using the multiple search engines of NooBox. It analyzes the various data of different web pages to show precise results to you.

Bing Visual Search

Bing Visual Search Homepage

Bing Visual Search is a Microsoft-owned image search engine that works exactly like PimEyes, but unlike it, Bing is completely free. Though it’s not the best site available on the internet, if you are looking for images of celebrities or politicians, Bing visual search is surely going to be helpful for you. To increase the accuracy of the search results, I’ll suggest you crop the image to the extent that only the face is clearly visible. However, this website is far better than PimEyes and its other alternatives if you are searching for buildings or other objects. 

NTech Lab

NTech Lab Homepage

NTech Lab is a competent image search software that enables users to search for people’s social profiles. The official website claims its results to be 99% accurate, which makes it one of the most-trusted facial recognition tools for investigation purposes. NTech Lab even specifies the age of the individual which makes identifying criminals easy. If you are searching for PimEyes alternatives for official and investigation purposes, NTech Lab is surely a name that you can rely on. 

So this was all about sites that function like PimEyes. I have personally tested all the aforementioned image-searching sites, therefore, I can guarantee you that these websites are identical to PimEyes, in fact, some of them are even better than it. Though they are free, their results, and sources are mostly correct, so if you are planning to give them a try, it’s a green flag. Advancing to the end, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: The PimEyes offers three free searches, but in the free searches, you won’t be able to see the source or website where your image is posted. So, in order to unlock all the features, you have to upgrade to a subscription.

Ans: This photo search engine does not provide the name of the person even in the paid version, it only shows the website’s name so, using it is pretty much legal in many states. However, I’ll suggest you check its legal status in your state.

Ans: The photo shared on this website is not stored, so they will not be included in future search results or other purposes. The only data stored by this software is the face fingerprints of photos found on publicly available websites.


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