Peopletools ATT: Usage, Perks, and Everything About the Software Suite

Usage, Perks, and Everything About the Software Suite

PeopleTools ATT is a sophisticated range of software tools that help you organize your employee data and corporate applications. This highly efficient set of software programs helps you get rid of any clutter and upgrade the performance of your company’s Human resources department. Moreover, any user can access their data way more systematically with the help of ATT PeopleTools.

If you have heard about this software suite and are curious about it, we are now going to discuss what makes this tool so commendable. So, let us get to know all about this comprehensive tool. 

What is PeopleTools ATT?

Every corporate organization needs to gather and save its employee information for their reference and contact. And managing the details of so many employees can become cumbersome. This is when a tool like PeopleTools comes into play. It is an innovative way of sorting through employee details and all kinds of corporate information in a systematic manner. 

Peopletools ATT is a batch of streamlined software tools that offer a bunch of lucrative services. These services include cataloging and managing employee data like pay stubs, leaves taken, working schedules, employee benefits, attendance tracking, HR reports, and additional processes.

The amazing ATT Peopletools is not only beneficial for the organization, but it also presents many options for the employees. Employees can keep track of their leaves, payrolls, employee benefits, and much more with this tool. 

Developed by Oracle, Peopletools is an online platform that is specifically dedicated to simplifying HR-related tasks for the AT&T organization. However, it can be extended to be used by any third party by purchasing it from Oracle.

Let us have a detailed review of all the services provided by Peopletools ATT.

Peopletools ATT: All Features Discussed

In simple words, this comprehensive set of software tools helps expand businesses. It stores all employees in one place, thus eliminating the trouble of referring to multiple lists or records or running the risk of misplacing important information.

The following are all the features of Peopletools ATT:

  • With Peopletools ATT, both employers and employees can keep track of work schedule-related information like payroll, overtime, attendance, bonus or deductions, etc.
  • The tool allows users to download the information needed in the form of W-2 forms.
  • The employees can check out their work schedules and even submit requests for shift changes through the tool.
  • All kinds of employee benefits are input into the tool, which the employees can utilize anytime they want. The tool includes columns for insurance, discounts, retirement, pension plans, etc.
  • People tools att can also be used to list down the various online courses that have been pursued by the employees. 
  • Furthermore, even the organization can also provide access to the courses and tutorials offered by them to the employees through PeopleTools ATT.
  • The working hours, leaves taken, work schedules, projects or tasks completed, and other details of this kind can be saved and reviewed whenever needed by both the employee and the employer.
  • Employees can also track their job and career growth with the help of this tool.

Next up, let us move on to understand all the advantages that the tool is going to provide and how purchasing it would benefit you. 

Benefits of Using Peopletools ATT

This scalable and robust tool has many advantages that can make it an essential part of the human resources division. Companies can extend this tool to multiple users and applications. And the best part — there is no need to buy any additional hardware or software licenses. 

You can access all the versions of Peopletools ATT by purchasing it once and upgrading it as needed.

Following are the detailed advantages of buying Peopletools ATT:

  • People tools ATT is an extremely user-friendly platform. 
  • It can be accessed from any location at all times, as it is a 24-hour service. Just an uninterrupted internet connection, and you are good to go.
  • Employees and employers can manage and input information very easily, quickly, and efficiently. PeopleTools ATT assists in organizing everything efficiently and avoiding any confusion. 
  • PeopleTools ATT works with other applications as well, like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SharePoint, Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP.
  • You need not worry about data security as well. The tool takes extra care through its encryption methods and also employs strict access controls to protect your passwords and sensitive information.
  • This easy-to-use platform helps employees with their career decisions. This, in turn, increases employee engagement. The portal strives for user satisfaction.
  • Furthermore, the platform offers data security and can be used to monitor and detect any unauthorized usage. 
  • Not limited to HR-related activities, the portal’s services can also be beneficial for making personal career choices, as it presents all of your crucial data related to your job in one place. 
  • ATT PeopleTools is available in many languages as well.
  • ATT PeopleTools is upgraded to have fluid UI functionality and, thus, offers responsive and latest applications. 

If these benefits have intrigued your interest, the upcoming section will guide you on how to start your journey with PeopleTools.

Logging in with Peopletools ATT

If you are someone who has decided to opt for Peopletools ATT and wants to reap the benefits of the tool, you should get started by first having an account on the portal.

Working on the platform is very easy, as this is a user-friendly tool. The first step is to create an account on the platform. And there are no extra charges for it. You can have an account completely free of charge.

Start with:

  • A stable internet connection.
  • Your ATT User ID.
  • Also, keep your Global Login Password handy.
  • Now start the process.
  • Go to the official website of Peopletools ATT
  • Now enter your ATT User ID in the given space.
    Peopletools ATT Homepage
  • Next, enter your Global Password.
  • Now, if you have forgotten your password, there are two types of procedures:
    • Current active employees can seek help from the administrative office or contact the Human Resources department, and they will be assisted in the process.
    • Former employees should click on the “Forgot Password” tab and follow the steps that will be mentioned further.

Once you register with Peopletools ATT, you get access to all kinds of Peopletools ATT features. The moment your account is activated, you can enjoy the benefits of the entire software suite.

Final Thoughts

Organizing data is the best way to increase productivity in any company. This helps in saving time, as no time is wasted on unnecessary activities like looking for certain details. Also, it avoids confusion and possible conflicts. PeopleTools by AT&T is one such tool that provides an exclusive array of AI-based tools that are going to aid your organization’s needs. 

The portal is user-friendly, convenient, saves time, and is also very secure. This powerful tool will help you elevate your organization’s rendition by optimizing your corporate processes. So what are you waiting for? Get started with PeopleTools ATT today. 


Ans: Yes, PeopleTools ATT can be accessed through a free account. You do not need to pay any kind of charge to create an account on the portal. As soon as you create an account, you would be able to utilize the features of the platform.

Ans: PeopleTools ATT has a diverse range of features. Users can get the benefit of custom field creation, adding new tables, customizing the interface, account and password security, data access configuration, etc. 

ATT PeopleTools includes a web server, application server, search, database server, and process scheduler servers, and also an integration broker.

Organizations can keep track of any possible clutters and boost efficiency with the help of ATT People Tools. And this versatile tool can be integrated with many other applications such as Microsoft Access, Excel, SharePoint, Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP. 

Ans: PeopleTools ATT is a part of the PeopleSoft software suite. The PoepleSoft applications like Payroll, Financials, Supply Chain, Student Management, and Customer Relationship Management, are handled by PeopleTools ATT. 

Ans: The latest variant of PeopleTools ATT is PeopleTools 8.60. It was released on October 15, 2022; for Oracle Cloud, and by December 2, 2022, it was also made available for true GA. It is accessible on Windows and Linux. 


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